Domaine de Terrebrune

Domaine de Terrebrune

The vine-growing areas of Terrebrune are set in an area of outstanding natural beauty, next to the beautiful forest of Brissac and to the south of the fertile Loire valley. The vineyards are situated on the gentle slopes of rolling hills and valleys, caressed by the gentle zephyrs of the micro climate of the Anjou area. The poet, Joachim du Bellay, native of the region, spoke of “la douceur angevine” and we at Terrebrune cherish this sweet and smooth bouquet in our wines and make every effort to preserve this very special, delicate inheritance. The Domaine was created in 1986 and is managed by two experienced associates and their staff, Alain Bouleau, who oversees all aspects of the cultivation and harvesting of the grapes, and Patrice Laurendeau who deals with viticulture processing and marketing.

The Domaine of Terrebrune is proud to possess 48 hectares of vines, the equivalent of nearly half a million bottles, yielding, for the most part, wines of the Cabernet persuasion, boasting the rich and fruity taste for which this area is renowned. More than half our production is rosé wine, ranging from the drier Rosé de Loire to the fruitier Rosé d’Anjou and Cabernet d’Anjou. Our red wines have a full, rounded, velvety nose and we are proud to present our range of Anjou Rouge, Anjou Villages and Anjou Villages Brissac, matured in oak casks with just a hint of a rich, woody tang. We also produce a dry white wine Anjou, excellent for accompanying the variety of freshwater fish often caught by local anglers, and can be appreciated as a refreshing drink at any time of the day.

We are especially delighted with our sweet white wines, Coteaux du Layon, Bonnezeaux, which are specific to the grapes of this region and are popular both at home and abroad. Most of our wines have won awards, bronze, silver and gold medals and none more than our exciting ‘bubbly’ Crémant de Loire – excellent quality sparkling wine, the perfect aperitif. We have acquired a reputation for quality and value at Terrebrune, promoting the deep, fruity taste which is the very essence of Anjou wine.

Our methods are both ecologically friendly and efficient in that we make use of the most recent, highly developed technological innovations whilst at the same time taking care to preserve our natural heritage. Quality control and respect for the environment are given the very highest priority at Terrebrune. We have invested in the most sophisticated techniques yet at the same time retain the hand-made tradition of the delicious wines of the Loire valley. Our production is modernized, yet we have not lost the personal touch. Exploitation of the latest software in information technology and up to date machinery ensures perfection from start to finish. We follow all our processes with the greatest scrutiny, from the tending of the vines to the picking and crushing of the grapes, the specialized viticulture and even the bottling and labeling.

We love our wines at Terrebrune, and we hope you do too.