The terroir

Le Terroir

The vineyard covers 55 hectares in the villages of Notre Dame Allençon, Luigné, Thouarcé, Vauchrétien and Brissac.

The vineyard is composed of:
➢ 29 hectares of Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon (red wine and rosé)
➢ 11 hectares of Grolleau (rose wine)
➢ 10 hectares of Chenin including 8 in Coteaux du Layon and Bonnezeaux (white wine)
➢ 4 hectares of Gamay (rose wine)
➢ 1 hectare of Chardonnay (sparkling wine).

The soils on our vinyard are : on Notre Dame d’Allençon, and Luigné Vauchrétien: clay and gravel and Thouarcé Bonnezeaux: clay and shale. The clay-gravel, gravel which are causing difficulty with vines to root (root of about 15 meters deep) and then gives one side slightly spicy wine. The clay-schist give incredible finesse to the wines and especially a wonderful exchange with the Chenin, who is the envy of all the vineyards of the world wishing to use this grape.

Various technical are used for the cultivation of the vine:
The reasoned fight which is a work in controlling interventions according to several criteria: weather, soils in an ecological purposes.
The grass cover is carried all over the vineyard : between each row of vines, we have sown grass to compete with the vine, resulting in many beneficial effects for nature and the vineyard.
The reasoned fight is a philosophy and less extremist in connection with our environment. We adapt ourselves to the climate and the vineyard, and therefore we are more and more careful to our environment. Feel free to read about this method of cultivation, one of the most diffused in France.

Tracing: Using computer software we record daily work in the vineyard, the customer can trace the history of the bottle. Of course by starting with the grapes, the crop until harvest, the winemaking and bottling. Tracing, you guarantee the authenticity of wine and all the careful that we carry it.